Things To Do Before Home Inspection


There are lots of costs associated with purchasing a home. From taxes to realtor fees, closing costs and down payment obligations, finances can be tight. It’s important to be smart about spending during the buying process. That is why everyone should conduct their home inspection before paying for a professional. The reason for this is that if a potential home has some serious problems that even a novice can spot, it’s best to simply move on to a different house that doesn’t already have problems. When someone doesn’t see any issues with their home inspection, that’s when it’s time to hire a professional.

Therefore, the following are the things to do before home inspection;

Know The Details Of Water Control

vhgtOne should be aware the details of water control. Nothing ruins a house like poor drainage. Check out the gutters, downspouts, slant of the house and lot to see where any access water will end up collecting. If it appears there have been water problems in the past or there is nowhere for the excess water to drain off, that is a big red flag.

Look At The Basic Structure

Even brand new homes can have their set of problems. If they were not constructed properly, there should be signs in the structure. For instance, if the wall corners are not square if the floor flexes when walked upon, if there are bumps and curves in the walls themselves, that all means something was constructed poorly. When warning signs like this appear, it’s best to cut bait and start the search for a different house.

Check The Insulation

hbvhfvhfThe is another thing you should before hiring a home inspector for home inspection. This is especially important in older houses as the regulations have changed to reflect a different minimum than what was set in the past. Attic insulation should be between R-19 and R-38 (between 6 and 12 inches of fiberglass). Wall insulation should be checked too. Inadequate insulation leads to colder houses in the winter and warmer houses in the summer as well as very high utility bills.

Consider The Basic Kitchen And Bathroom Fixtures

These might include fixtures for faucets, toilets, and tubs. They should work properly, and water pressure should be check as well. If there is little water pressure, that is a red flag that should not be ignored. Indeed, those who take the time to check these tips and do their pre-inspection will save money in the home buying process.

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