FAQs About Pressure Washer Machines

Before people buy tools, they always have many questions regarding the usability and the efficiency they will get from the machines. Others are concerned about the mechanical operation of the tool. All the questions help to the best machine so as to get the maximum of what it claims to offer. Pressure washer machines are becoming too common at homes due to the numerous uses they have. This article has compiled for FAQs to help you when buying the Best Pressure Washer 2017.

FAQs about pressure washer machines

What is a pressure washer machine?

This ought to be the first most frequently asked question. Not many people have much idea about the pressure washer or how it works. Well, a pressure washer machine is a machine with an engine to compress air, mix it with water and then release it under the high-pressure spray to remove dirt, oil wastes, and other small debris. The high-pressure water and air come out with a large force that it removes and pushes the dirt on its own.


How do I power the pressure washers?

Decades ago, only gas powered pressure washers were available. They were big and only convenient for outdoor usage due to the large amount of fumes and noise they produced. Today, we have electric pressure washers convenient for home use. They either come with a direct power code or have a rechargeable battery connected. The battery options are better as they are mobile and cause fewer accidents.

What are PSI and GPM and their importance?

Well, this part is a bit technical, and it is important to not the best figures for a home user rather than the technicals functionality. Both PSI (Pounds per square inch) and GPM (water flow rate ) are equally important when selecting a pressure washer machine whether for commercial use or home use. For a homeowner, a PSI of average 2000 will knock off the dirt without any hitch and therefore very convenient.


Cold or hot water; which is better?

This question comes too often with home owners. First, each of them has their pros and cons. Therefore it is crucial for the buyer to know what kind of dirt they will be dealing with most of the time. Someone with a busy garage is right with a hot water pressure washer to clean the oil thoroughly. For lighter duties, a cold pressure washer is good to go.