Coffee maker – buying guide

For lovers of coffee any time of the day is coffee time, hence they surely need a coffee maker. Due to the many brands of coffee makers available in the market, it can be hard getting one. Here is a coffee maker – buying guide.

The number of cupsdkjdskjsjksjskskjskj

Different coffee makers can provide different number of cups. It is necessary that one should decide on the number of cups that they will need the coffee maker to have. This may depend on the size of your family or possibility of future expansion so that one does not keep on buying a bigger coffee maker every time the number increases. Go for a maker with an extra cup or two than the number of cups that you will need.

The color and design

The coffee makers come in different designs and colors. Some people buy appliances which match with their kitchen colors. Others go for a particular design to complete their kitchen décor. Before one considers buying the coffee maker, they should decide on the color and design as well. The design will also determine how much kitchen space the coffee maker will take. This should be taken into serious consideration because there is no need for buying a coffee maker that will occupy more space in your kitchen limiting your getting of other necessary kitchen appliances.

Pot warmer function

A good coffee maker should have a pot warmer function. This will help in saving time which would be used in making a cup of coffee every time you will need to take one. The pot warmer function ensures that one gets a warm cup of coffee every time they need it without necessarily having to make a fresh cup.


A good coffee maker should have an auto shut-off function. This is mainly for safety reasons. Besides safety, it will also ensure that you save on energy costs in case one is forgetful and forgets to turn it off. It is also necessary that the coffee maker should have a short cord so that it is not easily entangled on other appliances. This is also necessary if one has children in the house since they can easily pull the cords and get burnt with the hot coffee.


Thanks to things going digital that even coffee makers can be programmed on when to make coffee. It all needs a coffee maker which can be programmed and the time for coffee making be set. It saves one more time especially in the mornings when they need to rush somewhere and need a cup of coffee ready before leaving.

Availability of spare parts

At some point, the coffee maker may break down. This will need one to carry out repair instead of getting a new one. One should buy a brand whose spare parts are easily available. This includes filters or even the coffee pot.

Ease of maintenance

dsejsdjsjksskjskjsjCleaning the coffee maker is part of maintaining it. A good coffee maker should be easy to clean. For easy cleaning, the coffee maker should be easy to dismantle all the movable parts and fix them easily.