Give your floor a new look with liquid screeding

Having a floor that looks clean and shiny adds a lot of beauty to a home or any setting. However, there are times that a floor can break or crack. This article pertains to concrete floors or slabs that are either old and need new life or one that you are constructing and want to install floor heating with ease. If you contact a company that does liquid floor screeding Surrey, you will find the quickest and best way to complete your flooring project.

What is liquid floor screeding?aa14

It is not like the traditional screeding and is a more advanced process that has self-curing and self-leveling features. All that is needed is to prepare the floor with a suitable insulation and if you are adding heating pipes clipping them to the concrete below. Once the area is ready, it only takes a couple of people and a few hours to apply the screeding on the floor.

The benefits of liquid floor screeding

Unlike other traditional concrete or screeding methods, this process has a few benefits that can help you complete the project much faster. Here are the main advantages.

Quick drying

Once it has been applied onto the surface, you can walk on it within 48 hours. It can hold the weight of a car in about seven days.

Less labor

This method does not require too many workers and is easily applied as the solution is pumped directly to the location that needs the application.

It is premixed

You do not have to mix cement and sand on the site because the material come premixed and only needs to be pumped into the area.

Suitable for heating

aa15The liquid screeding is suitable even if you want to install underfloor heating. All you have to do is clamp the pipes to the concrete underneath.

How to find a good company?

If you want to get this done to the floor of your home, you will need to locate a reliable liquid screeding supplier. You can ask around if you know someone who has already had it done to their home. If not, you can look online and search for companies that provide this service in your area. Contact them, and they will be able to give you a quote based on the square area of the room that needs to be covered. Withing days, your floor will look as good as new.