Giving Your Room a Makeover

Whether you have been watching a lot of TV shows or YouTube videos on room makeovers or you are just bored with how everything has stayed the same for the longest time, a fresh new start is always a good thing to make you more excited about staying at home and coming home. Giving your room a makeover may seem like a fun idea until you realized how much work that you need to do before you can get to the makeover part, read this article to know the right steps to do it.

Start from cleaning

vacuumThere is no way you can make a change in your any room if you do not clean it. First, you want to work with a clean canvas and make everything spotless. Aside from that, it is nice to deep clean everything once in a while to keep your home hygienic and liveable. Vacuuming, mopping and sweeping the floor will not be enough. You also need to wipe all the dust and take care of your windows. Including cleaning your perfect fit blinds, and do not halfway anything in this process.

Declutter your stuff

clothesAfter the space is clean, you can start by throwing away old and unused stuff that is only making the room full of things. Holding on to materials that serve no purpose in your life will just make you unhappy and makes the place nothing but neat. If you wish to have a cute place like those showrooms that they have in Ikea, you need to clean up first and keep only the essentials item.

Re-arrange everything

Now that it is clean and hopefully a little bit empty, you can start changing the placement of everything. Find some inspirations and do not be afraid to experiment with the layout because it might take several takes anyway to get it exactly the way you wanted it. Be patient because if you are not great at visualizing things, then you need to change it many times.

Buy something new

If you feel like something is missing, or when you declutter the room there are some old furniture that you do not want anymore, then it is time for the most exciting part for you but not for your wallet. Shopping for home decor, furniture, and utilities is fun, as long as you have figured out your budget and not buy anything that is not necessary.

Top home products that you should retail


The success of home product retailers is founded on the principles of loyalty, respect, and trust. If you are planning on engaging in this line of business, you should plan to operate hands on and place great emphasis on families. Your customers should feel at home in your store so that they can sense what the products will look like in their familiar surroundings. This is when you need the help of an excellent commercial interior design firm like  Cutler DC.

Home products

Below is a list of home products categories that you might consider to include in your store;


33nnjjshuWhile fashion and personal tastes have changed over the last couple of years, you should always have a continuous commitment to providing furniture collection that has an aesthetic appeal, is well functional and sustainable enough to meet the customer’s daily requirements. You should lay emphasis on providing exciting collections and innovative pieces in different timber and leather collections.

Examples of home furniture that you can retail include: Coffee and console tables, Dining chairs and tables, Entertainment units, Fabric and Leather Sofas, occasional chairs, mirrors, wine racks among many others.

You should focus on designing most of your store’s furniture so that you can move at a constant pace with changing trends. As soon as a customer spot a new concept in your store, you should immediately go back to the drawing board, working on the next design.

Housewares and Accessories

The nature of buying houseware is changing very fast. The analysis shows that a big percentage of customers prefer decorating their whole house in one go. An example of houseware and accessories you can include in your retail store are Crockery, electronics, wallpapers, carpets and mats, children toys, books and many others in this category.

Your retail store should offer various home gifts and accessories to customers wanting to create a personalized home experience. Your main target should be the middle and uppers class consumers who look beyond the national home accessories and gift stores and would prefer an expression of individual style and personality.

Fashion And Beauty Products

22nkfifu9This category has a vast range of products that you should carefully consider, from clothes, shoes, makeup kits, soaps, treatment products, spa and beauty therapy machinery, jewelry, hair products, etc. If you decide to settle for this category of goods, make sure you build a range of products that compliment each other, so that a customer does not need to go to another store to get a complementing product.

If you are planning on setting up a clothes store, makes sure you also stock up shoes and jewelry to match the clothes, so that the customers can make quick decisions to purchase.